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GoldShield Care Plans

How much do I have to contribute if the inspection or the painting becomes due before all the monthly fees have been paid?

The attached chart highlight the contributions that you have to make, depending on the number of monthly payments that you have made since joining your preferred scheme.

Can you remind me when my inspection & painting becomes due?

Yes, GoldShield will diarise when your home is due for an inspection or painting and our appointed repairer will contact you 6 weeks before to arrange a date and time convenient with you.

Will there be a price increase throughout the term of the contract?

We will try to keep the pricing as constant as possible throughout the term of the service contract, but unfortunately there are a number of financial factors outside our direct control

What happens if the painting has not been done correctly prior to setting up the contract?

We will try to be flexible but it may be likely that it will be necessary for customers to make up the shortfall. Again, we will ensure that the lowest possible charge be applied.

Can I still have the care plan if my GoldShield warranty has expired?

Yes, you will not need a pre-inspection but again, you may need to contribute for any work that needs doing, see question 1.

Why do I need the care plan if my GoldShield warranty has expired?

The GoldShield Care Plan will allow you to budget for the general maintenance of your home, minimising the risk of future problems.

I wasn’t aware I had any maintenance obligations with the GoldShield warranty, what do I do now?

We can arrange a pre- inspection for £149. The appointed inspector will carry out a full check of your home and identify any work that must be done before being accepted on to the scheme.

Wouldn’t the £100 of minor repairs just be covered under my warranty?

The GoldShield Warranty covers the structural elements of your home against major inherent defects not known at the time of purchase. The £100 contribution towards minor repairs covers things such as replacing the mastic around door and window frames etc. This will substantially reduce the risk of major repairs having to be carried out at a much greater expense to you. If a major repair is necessary, then it should be referred to GoldShield in the normal way, providing your home is covered under the GoldShield scheme.

GoldShield Warranty

How do I register my home?

Unless the owner of the park your property is sited on does this for you, you'll need to complete the application form you can find in your GoldShield handbook or online. You must do this in the first year of ownership, and it's best to complete the process within 90 days or you'll incur late registration fees. 

Who is responsible for registering my home?

It is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure their property's warranty has been registered. The owner of the park your home is sited on may complete the process for you, but it's important that you ask them about this to make sure everything is done properly.  

Is the warranty transferable? How much does it cost?

Yes, there is a transfer fee of £50 applicable and we request proof of maintenance.

If my park is not registered, can I register my home?

No. GoldShield only allow late registrations of homes up to 1 year from the date of first purchase with late registration fees applicable. However, we do offer a 5-year amnesty that allows park owners to register any homes on their site that are less than five years old. This is something you can speak to your park manager about. 

How do I find out if my park is registered?

The full list of GoldShield registered Parks is available on the website or you can call the GoldShield Warranty Office.

I bought my home over 12 months ago. Can I still register my home?

No, GoldShield allow late registrations of homes up to 1 year from the date of first purchase with late registration fees applicable.

What are the late registration fees?

0-90 days free, 4-5 months £25, 6-7 months £50, 8-9 months £99 and 10-12 £199.

When making a claim, why do I need to prove that the home has been maintained?

All terms and conditions of the warranty must be followed in order to keep the warranty valid.

Who are your appointed repairers?

We have a network of approved repairers as well as some of the manufacturers. They are supported by a network of field based managers to ensure a high standard of customer service.

How long will my claim take?

Each claim is handled on its own merits and timelines vary.

If a fault is discovered in the first two years, why do I need to refer to the manufacturers?

Any faults found with the home within the first two years are the responsibility of the manufacturer under their own warranties. This is referred to as the Initial Period. Years 3-10 are covered by GoldShield for faults with the structure of the home.

If I modify my home, will the warranty still be valid?

Yes, however any faults that result from the modification will not be covered by GoldShield Serial Number

What is a serial number? Where can I get the number?

The serial number is the unique number given to the home by the manufacturer and can be found on your invoice or usually on a plaque near the front door of the home.

Where can I get copy of warranty wording?

The warranty wording should be with the home as the manufacturer will place a GoldShield book in every home at the point of manufacture. If a book is not with the home then the home owner should contact the manufacturer and request a book or go to the GoldShield website where all wording and forms are available (claim form, transfer of ownership form and application form).

What are my rights regarding complaints?

The complaints procedures are clearly set out in the GoldShield booklet and available on the website.

What about types of paint required/ recommended for homes?

We do not recommend. Manufacturers recommended paint and the home owner needs to confirm with their own manufacturer.

What documents do I need if making a claim?

Completed claim form, photos, proof of maintenance and estimate.