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Park Owners' Responsibilities

All Park owners must provide a copy of the GoldShield handbook to all new Home owners.  This handbook includes all of the relevant maintenance information required.  The Home owners must be made aware that they need to adhere to the maintenance requirements laid out in the handbook.

The Park Owner is responsible for things such as:

  • Ensuring the provision of a proper base on which to site the Park Home
  • Correct installation and siting of the Park Home
  • Carrying out a full internal inspection of the Park Home when it arrives at its permanent site
  • A full Gas Safety check should be carried out of all gas appliances
  • The correct fitting of smoke alarms
  • A visual inspection of all flues and terminals
  • All fixed ventilators are clear, clean and unobstructed
  • Fixed and permanent fire notices are on display within the park home, giving simple fire prevention advice and actions to be taken in the event of a fire
  • Skirting – a consistent gap of 25 mm should be maintained all around the top and the bottom of the skirting.

A full list of the manufacturer and the Park owner’s responsibilities can be found here.

In addition to the handbook, the Park Owner must provide a copy of the GoldShield Warranty.  It is the Home owners responsibility to register their home with GoldShield, free of charge within 90 days of purchasing their home. A late application fee will be applicable if the application is received after 90 days.

Applications can be made online or by filling in the application form in the GoldShield Warranty handbook. If you have not received your GoldShield Warranty handbook, please ask your Park Owner in the first instance. A copy can also be downloaded here

If you’re a Park owner and wish to register your park with us, please download and complete the form and read the Code Of Practice.


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