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As a park home site owner, it's vital you ensure you residents are safe, happy, and free of any unnecessary hassle. This will help to attract more people to your site, and ensure you have fewer problems to deal with. With this in mind, giving your residents the chance to register for our 10-year park home warranty is a great idea, as it offers them an extra level of financial protection. If you would like more information about the service we offer, make sure you read our guide to understanding our GoldShield warranty.

Here, we'll explain everything you need to know about GoldShield, including what we offer, how you can register your park with us, and what your responsibilities will be as the owner of a GoldShield-registered park.

Why should I register my park with GoldShield?

If you would like your residents to have the option of registering for our warranty, you will have to register your site with us first.

Giving your residents the chance to register for our warranty can help to ensure the homes on your site are well-maintained. You may also want to recommend our GoldShield Care schemes, which are available to provide your residents with support in looking after their homes. This will reduce the risk of complaints and make the job of selling properties on your park much easier.

It's little wonder why so many park sites have already decided to register with GoldShield. It could be the key to having a better maintained park, happier residents, and more money coming in — what's not to like?

Can I apply for my park to become GoldShield-registered?

You can apply for your park to become GoldShield-registered if it's a residential site where people can live all-year round. You will still be eligible if there are holiday homes within your park, as long as there are also permanent homes on your site.

Which homes are eligible to be registered with GoldShield?

Park homes must tick three boxes to qualify for our GoldShield warranty:

  1. They need to be built to comply with BS3632, a British Standard that means they're suitable for use as a permanent residence.
  2. They need to be located on a GoldShield registered park.
  3. They need to come from one of these manufacturers, which are GoldShield-registered:
  • Aspire Park & Leisure Homes
  • Cambrian Park & Leisure Homes Ltd
  • Country Homes (Anglia) Ltd
  • Lindera Lodge & Bespoke Buildings Ltd
  • Lissett Homes Ltd
  • Manor Park Homes
  • The New Factory
  • Oakgrove Cabins Ltd
  • Omar Park Homes Ltd
  • Osborn Leisure Lodges Ltd
  • Pathfinder Park Homes Limited
  • Polar Lodges Ltd
  • Red Rose Enterpise Ltd
  • Retreat Lodges Ltd
  • Sovereign Park & Leisure Ltd
  • Stately-Albion Ltd
  • Walker Brothers (Timber Frames) Ltd
  • Willerby Holiday Homes Ltd (Nphc)

How can I register my park with GoldShield?

It's free and easy to register your park with GoldShield. Make sure you read our Code of Practice, then you can simply download and fill out our park owners' application form, which can be sent it back to us via email or post. You can also give us a call on 0191 258 8124.

What are my responsibilities as a park owner?

Once your park is registered with GoldShield you will have some new responsibilities to uphold. However, these will differ depending on whether you decide to register your site's park homes on behalf of the owners, or whether you would prefer your residents to do this themselves.

To make things as easy as possible for your residents and ensure that you'll see the full benefits of having a GoldShield-registered park, we would highly recommend registering your site's homes on behalf of the owners. You can register any eligible homes quickly and easily using our homes registration form for park owners

If you would like your residents to register their own park homes, you will need to provide them with a copy of the GoldShield handbook, which includes all of the information they'll need to complete the process. You will also need to provide them with a copy of the GoldShield warranty and let them know that they should register this within the first 90 days of siting. They can do this up to a year after buying their home, but they will incur a late application fee if this takes more than 90 days.

You will also have a range of other responsibilities, including:

  • Making sure residents know how to maintain their properties in line with our requirements
  • Correct installation and siting of the park home
  • Carrying out a full internal inspection of the park home when it arrives at its permanent site
  • Arranging for a full gas safety check to be carried out for all gas appliances
  •  Making sure all of the smoke alarms are connected correctly
  • Carrying out a visual inspection of all flues and terminals
  • Ensuring all fixed ventilators are clear, clean, and unobstructed
  • Making sure fixed and permanent fire notices are on display within the park home, giving simple fire prevention advice and actions to be taken in the event of a fire
  • Checking that the park home skirting has a 25mm gap around its top and bottom

Join the thousands of parks already benefiting from GoldShield registration today. It's free and easy to register, so you have nothing to lose. Simply fill in our park owner's application form and, if you have any questions, be sure to get in touch. We'll be more than happy to help you.


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