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Strathclyde Parks Covered by GoldShield

The first thing that you need to do is confirm that the park is registered with GoldShield before you purchase your home.

You can contact GoldShield on 0191 258 8124 to confirm this. This ensures that the home complies with BS3632, a British Standard which certifies that the home is suitable for use as a permanent residence.

The home will also be sited professionally in accordance with the requirements of Gold Shield and with the industry Code of Practice.

Parks in Strathclyde

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Parks in Strathclyde
  • Auchrannie Resort, Isle Of Arran 01770 302234
  • Cunninghamhead Estate, By Kilmarnock 01302 707508
  • Drimsynie Estate Holiday Park, 01301 705640
  • Heatherbank Park G78 3AT 01418 8808935
  • Inverbeg Holiday Park,
  • Manor Park, Dunoon 01369 706929
  • Red Deer Village, Stepps 0141 779 2973
  • Roseland Lodge Park, Isle of Bute 01700 501840
  • Rosneath Castle Caravan Park, 01436 831208
  • Walled Caravan Park, Maybole 01655 740323