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The GoldShield warranty scheme covers inherent defects in the structure of new Park Homes for up to ten years

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Understanding GoldShield

The GoldShield Ten Year Warranty is a warranty for park home owners, provided and administered on behalf of the manufacturers and the NCC, the industry’s trade body.

GoldShield operates an independent financial reserve, financed by Park Home manufacturer members, which ensures that homes registered under the warranty benefit from full structural cover for a ten-year period. These benefits are provided alongside and in addition to a purchaser’s rights under the law.

The warranty does not cover remedial work in the event of a failure in the structure of the home that is caused by a defect or failure in the base upon which the home is sited or any defect or damage to the base itself. These elements are covered by a warranty provided by the Park Owners.

The Home Owner’s responsibility is to ensure that good care is taken of the home, including maintaining regularly the external coated surfaces in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What exactly does GoldShield Ten Year Warranty cover?

Protect yourself if an inherent defect is defined as a fault present
but not known at the time of purchase.

For your peace of mind we can now offer you:

GoldShield Care

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